At CM Manufacturing, we can offer turn key solutions for your custom monitoring requirements. We will work with you to determine the best sensors to achieve the results that you require. We can also provide information on other factors to consider to ensure that the monitoring station performs as required.


The logger we use is the Teracom TCG range, this data logger can be installed within a custom enclosure. These systems have 4G connectivity.

Our data is handled by Thingsboard using their database and cloud server to ensure you have access to your data anywhere you have access to an internet connection. To view the live feed from our demo weather station, you can use the link and login information below:




PW: PassW0rd01


This station comprises of:

RK110-01A Wind Direction Sensor

RK100-01 Wind Speed Sensor

RK200-04 Solar Radiation Sensor

RK330-01 Atmospheric Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Sensor

Davis Rain Tipping Bucket



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