UV Radiation Sensor is a precision instrument used to measure the atmosphere of the sun's ultraviolet radiation(UVA beta wavelength range), supporting the product related information acquisition instrument use can provide public concern: the UV index, UV erythema measurement, on the health effects of the UV and UV special biology and chemistry, highly meteorology, industry, construction, medical attention, are widely used in the exposure caused erythema dose, integrated environment ecological effect, they study of climate change and ultraviolet radiation monitoring and forecast.



- Lightweight

- No moving parts, no maintenance, can work at any altitude

- High sensitivity

- Low power consumption

- Long service life



- Tourism weather

- Breeding industry

- Construction materials ageing monitoring

- Medical research

- Environmental monitoring


Technical Specifications:

Spectral range: 280-400nm

Supply: 5V, 12-24VDC

Range: 0-200W/m2, 0-200uW/cm2, 0-15UV index

Output: 0-2V,4-20mA, 0-5V, RS485

Response time: <=1s

Cosine correction: <= +- 4% (solar elevation angle =30o)

Non-linear:  <=+-3%

Temperature effect: +-0.08%/oC

Stability: <= +-2%/year

Operating Temperature: -40oC to 85oC

Ingress Protection: IP65

Weight (unpacked): 220g

Shell material: Aluminum alloy 


Price: $450 +GST


ABN: 13165689525