The RK200-03 Pyranometer is produced based on thermoelectric principles: sensing elements are made by winding plated thermopiles with multi contacts. Its surface is coated by black coating with high absorption rate. Hot contacts on the sensors surface; while the cold junction is located within the body temperature difference between the hot and cold junction generates electromotive force, the thermoelectric effect is proportional to the solar radiation. In order to reduce the ambient temperature effect, temperature compensation circuit designed here to reduce the effects to product properties.



- Conform to the WMO standard

- Suitable for harsh environment

- Measuring without power

- High sensitivity

- Easy installation



-Solar energy

-Agriculture and forestry monitoring

-Crop growth monitoring

-Tourism eco

-Weather stations


Technical Specifications:

Spectral range: 300-3200nm

Supply: 12-24VDC

Range: 0-2000W/m2

Output: 0-20mV,0-5V,4-20mA,RS485‚

Sensitivity: 7-14μV*W-1*m2

Internal resistance: 350Ω

Non-linearity: <±2%

Measuring angle: 2π solid angle

Response time: ≤35s(99%)

Stability: ±2%/year

Cosine correction: ≤±7%(Solar elevation angle=10°)

Temperature effect: ±2%(-10℃-+40℃)

Operating temperature: -40℃ to +60℃

Weight(unpacked): 2.5kg

Dimension: ø165*120mm

Ingress Protection: IP65

Storage Condition: 10℃-60℃@20%-90%RH


 Price: $670  +GST


ABN: 13165689525