Noise sensor is a kind of digital and modular multi-function sound level meter.Using a digital signal processing chip and digital detection technology, has a high reliability, good stability, wide dynamic range without range switching, etc .Can be widely applied to various machines, vehicles, ships, electrical appliances and other industrial noise measurement, can also be used for environmental noise measurement, labor protection, industrial hygiene.



- High Sensitivity

- Fast response

- Low consumption

- Excellent stability

- Long service life



- Environment quality monitoring

- Smart home

- Warehousing

- Public place

- Labor protection

- Animal husbandry


Technical Specifications

Range: 30-130dB

Accuracy: ±3dB@23±5℃,accordance with IEC 61672 standard type 2, calibrated at 94dB(1kHz) input

Frequency response: 31.5Hz - 8kHz.

Corrector: B&K 4226

Microphone: Capacitive microphone , size: 0.5 inch

Supply: 5VDC,12-24VDC

Output: RS485,RS232

Power Consumption: <20mW@12VDC

Response Time: <200ms

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃@5-80%RH

Storage: -40-70℃@20%-90%RH

Shell Material: ABS & Aluminum alloy

Outdoor Installation: RK95-01 radiation shield is optional


Price: $325 +GST


ABN: 13165689525