RK500-22 Output Metal Housing Soil PH Sensor for Greenhouse



Product Description



- On-line & real-time monitoring

- Low impedance sensitive glass film 

- RS485 and 4-20mA output at the same time, directly connected to computer and PLC systems

- Internal signal isolation, strong anti-interference

- Aviation connector is optional to facilitate electrode replacement



- Environmental protection

- Agriculture

- Aquaculture

- Water conservancy

- Soil remediation

- Sewage treatment  


Technical Specifications:

Measurement Principle: Electrochemistry

Range: 0-14PH

Supply: 7-30VDC(power consumption<0.2W)

Accuracy: ±0.05PH

Resolution: 0.01PH

Response time: <10s( soil moisture>30%)

Stability: ≤0.01PH/24h

Output Signal: 4-20mA & RS485 at the same time

Calibration Cycle: Every 6 month

Operating Environment: 0-+80℃(<0.6MPa)

Cable length: 5m(default),customizable

Probe material: 304SS

Ingress Protection: IP68

Storage: 10-60℃@20%-90%RH


Price: $460 +GST

ABN: 13165689525