RK330-01 Atmospheric Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor is a professional measurement of air temperature, relative humidity & barometric pressure. Sensors are built-in the water-proof and anti-UV shelter. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, meteorology as well as climate chamber, warehousing and other places. This model can also be equipped with 11 plates radiation shield (RK95-01) to protect the sensors from solar radiation and rain.



- High Sensivity

- Fast response time

- Long service life

- Low power consuption

- Good stability of output

- High temperature and high humidity environment for long term use

-  Can integrate temperature, humidity, and air pressure at the same time



- Environmental monitoring

- Livestock farm

- Storage

- Forestry

- Greenhouse

- Agriculture


Technical Specifications:


- Range: -40 to 60oC

- Resolution: 0.1oC

- Accuracy: +-0.5oC



- Range: 0-100% RH(non condensing)

- Resolution: 0.5% RH

- Accuracy: +-3% RH



- Range: 10-110kPa

- Resolution: 0.01kPa

- Accuracy: 0.1kPa


Supply: 12-24VDC

Output Signal: 4-20mA, 0-5V, RS485 Modbus

Operate Temperatue:-40oC to 80 oC

Ingress Protection: IP65

Storage: 10-60oC @20-90%RH

Weight (unpacked): 120g

Probe material: ABS


Price: $325 +GST

Availability: 2-3 Weeks


ABN: 13165689525