RK510-01 Soil Moisture Sensor (Plant Care Hygrometer) is based on FDR(Frequency Domain Reflectometry) principle to measures the volumetric water content in soil. The stainless steel probe is inserted into soil surface or soil profile to test soil moisture quickly. The probe can be permanently embedded underground and be connected to a data logger for unlimited testing.



- Four 316L needle probe

- High stability

- High accuracy

- Fast response

- Easy Installation

- Is not affected by chemical fertiliser and the influence of metal ions



- Agriculture irrigation

- Greenhouse

- Grass farm

- Environment monitoring

- Water conservation,

- Soil testing



Technical Specifications:

Range: 0-100%(m3/m3)

Accuracy: ±2%

Output Signal: 0-1.1V,4-20mA optional

Response Time: <1s

Stable time After power on: 10 s

Supply: 7-15VDC

Effective testing area: 90% of the influence is in the cylinder around the central probe whose dimension is Ø2.5*6cm

Housing: ABS

Dimensions: Ø40*133mm(the probe is 60mm)

Operating Temperature: -30℃ to +70℃

Ingress Protection: IP65

Storage: 10-60℃@20%-90%RH

Probe material: 304 stainless steel


Price: $170 +GST

Availability: 2-3 Weeks

ABN: 13165689525