RK400-04 Economical Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor is a hydrology, meteorological instrument used to measure the nature of rainfall, and it converts the precipitation into a pulse signal output. Designed with insect-proof nets, free blocking nozzle and built-in leveller. The model can be used in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, field monitoring stations and other industries .Combined with rainfall recorder can be used to measure measure precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time.



- Compact size for easy use

- High accuracy, good stability

- Mesh in the funnel preventing debris such as leaves and insects from entering the working of rain sensor

- Well made tipping bucket with low resistance

- The main body made of high strength ABS

- Horizontal Bubble in the bottom




- Meteorology

- Agriculture and forestry

- Environmental protection

- Marine

- Airports, ports

- Scientific research


Technical Specification

Collector Diameter :φ200mm, height: 271mm

Measured rainfall intensity Max: 4mm/min

Allow rainfall intensity Max: 8mm/min

Resolution 0.2mm

Accuracy(2mm/min) ±4%

Maximum load voltage 30VDC(pulse output)

Maximum load current 20mA

Output 5Pulses/mm(@10kΩ&0.01uF), RS485(12-24VDC supply)

Operating temperature 0-60℃@0%-100%RH

Main material Rainfall collector & tipping bucket: ABS,

Supporting leg:304SS

Weight(unpacked) 2.5kg


Price: $165 +GST

ABN: 13165689525